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The Amazing Sheriff is hunting down criminals! He jumps from planet to planet to arrest aliens and collect bottles. With every full row of bottles the Sheriff collects the combo meter will rise, and you will get more points. If you don’t jump far enough, you can click again while the Sheriff is in the air: he will jump a little further. If the Sheriff does not land on a planet, he will fall down and the game will end. Help the Sheriff get as far as possible with his intergalactic alien hunt!


Amazing Sheriff - Jump from planet to planet

Use the left mouse button or space bar to jump from planet to planet.


Amazing Sheriff - Collect the bottles

If you click again while in the air, the Sheriff will do a double jump.

Collect the bottles

Amazing Sheriff - Arrest the aliens

With every complete row of bottles you collect your combo meter will rise.


How it works

Get the Sheriff to jump from planet to planet and collect as many UFOs and bottles at the same time. You can make him jump by clicking the mouse, or by using the space bar. If you don’t jump far enough, you can do a double jump by clicking again.

You will be awarded points for every bottle and UFO you collect, but your combo meter will be reset as soon as you miss a bottle or UFO. Get as many points as you can in the available time. The game ends when you run out of time, or when the Sheriff misses a planet and falls down.


Bottles have a value of 10, UFOs have a value of 100. With every row of bottles and every UFO you collect your combo meter will rise. If you miss a bottle or UFO, your combo meter will be reset.

When you collect 30, 60 and 90 bottles in a row you will be awarded 2, 3 and 4 times as many points. In addition to this you will get a super combo of 3 times the amount of points when you collect a row of 7 bottles or more.

Daily High scores

Player Player Score  
garnnet 12,636 Challenge
-meeri- 11,377 Challenge
bezura 9,086 Challenge
Rob3134 6,803 Challenge
Heathmyst 5,591 Challenge
Carissa1268 1,458 Challenge
Shawna71403 292 Challenge

Weekly High scores

Player Player Score  
StreepSTER 33,264 Challenge
Asheey 22,400 Challenge
garnnet 16,114 Challenge
Geraldientje 15,442 Challenge
seyvan 14,547 Challenge
bingobango 12,299 Challenge
Heathmyst 12,008 Challenge
Kitrina 11,851 Challenge
-meeri- 11,710 Challenge
bezura 9,425 Challenge

All-time High scores

Player Player Score  
clarity 41,655 Challenge
StreepSTER 39,407 Challenge
Svenergy87 37,855 Challenge
DonnyS 34,124 Challenge
Johnno1111 33,790 Challenge
GwenetMatisse 33,083 Challenge
Alexias100 32,504 Challenge
zelotta 31,656 Challenge
eddyedu87 30,052 Challenge
hellf1re 29,333 Challenge