What are gems?

Gems are a virtual currency on Gembly. You need these gems to play the games. The amount of gems needed to play a game differs per mode and the number opponents. You can recognize gems by there small purple diamond icon, as show in the image to the right.

How do I get gems?

There are different ways to get gems. One way is too claim 150 every 8 hours. You do this by clicking the 'claim' button at the bottom left. It is advisable to come back often so you do not miss out on the free gems!

Of course you can also win gems. You do this by winning from other players in a jackpot or tournament game. In some modes multiple players may win gems. This depends on the prize distribution.

Another way to get gems is to buy them. Gems will automatically be added to your account after completing a successful payment. A confirmation email will be sent after every payment.