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In the deepest trench of the Pacific Ocean there lives a colony of mythical merpeople. These merpeople collect rare coloured bubbles that possess magical properties. Help the mermaids collect and sort all of the coloured bubbles.

Aim and shoot!

Bubble Up 2 - Aim and shoot!

Aim with your mouse and shoot the coloured bubbles into the bubble field.

Pop 3 or more bubbles

Bubble Up 2 - Match 3 or more bubbles

Make chains of 3 or more of the same coloured bubbles to pop them.


Bubble Up 2 - Shoot as many bubbles as you can

The bigger the chain of matching bubbles is, the more points you get. Clear the entire field to receive a score bonus.


How it works

This game is a classic Bubble Shooter. You aim with your mouse and shoot the coloured bubbles into the bubble field. Make sure the cluster of bubbles you pop is as large as possible: this means you get more points!

When bubbles are no longer connected (we call them orphaned bubbles), those will give you even more points.

If you don't pop any bubbles when you shoot, you lose one turn. When you are out of turns, an extra line is added to the field! Don't let the field fill up! If you do the game is over.


You get 30 points for clearing a group of 3 bubbles, and for every extra bubble you score 20 points. So 4 bubbles gives you 50 points, 5 bubbles gives you 70 points and so on...

You receive a bonus for the orphaned bubbles. The bonus is 100 × the number of orphaned bubbles.

When you manage to clear the entire field, you get a time bonus. This time bonus consists of 100 x the remaining seconds of your play time.

Daily High scores

Player Player Score  
Hanneke62 76,120 Challenge
MeesterSjef 60,540 Challenge
thunderdj96 55,450 Challenge
erik56 54,320 Challenge
Anne_M 53,270 Challenge
rubbiebullie 52,150 Challenge
otta51 51,440 Challenge
rewian 46,550 Challenge
azzraell456 45,810 Challenge
zomerkind 41,170 Challenge

Weekly High scores

Player Player Score  
T.W.B. 80,330 Challenge
Hanneke62 76,120 Challenge
marc57200 73,980 Challenge
erik56 71,980 Challenge
Meddo79 69,450 Challenge
thunderdj96 65,980 Challenge
UriahHeep 64,830 Challenge
rewian 63,650 Challenge
wolleblue1 61,570 Challenge
MeesterSjef 60,540 Challenge

All-time High scores

Player Player Score  
T.W.B. 138,600 Challenge
beatys 128,140 Challenge
Svenergy87 115,620 Challenge
Marjolijnc 114,100 Challenge
eugeni6 106,550 Challenge
Melliee 94,760 Challenge
janske9 92,940 Challenge
janske09 88,670 Challenge
marc57200 88,120 Challenge
Hanneke62 86,540 Challenge